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Computational Portrait: Max

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Max Project

For my computational portraiture project, I decided to create a portrait of my friend Max. Max and I both grew up in Oklahoma and moved to New York. Because of this shared experience, I’ve been thinking about the ways in which these places have shaped our identities, and wanted to explore this notion through portraiture. To begin, I captured a 3d portrait of Max using photogrammetry. I wanted a fairly realistic, solid model of him, that I could then contrast with the abstract, remembered spaces of his past.

While we created the portrait, Max and I talked for several hours about his past, discussing his memories and stories of places he lived. For many of the places we discussed, Max generously shared some photos with me. In Maya, I took these photos and manually sculpted them into a 3d model roughly corresponding to the space of the image. I build a simple Three.js-based web project that allows the user to scroll through these spaces, and by doing so, scroll through a narrative of Max’s life. Eventually I plan on editing the audio from our conversations into form where the user can navigate to specific locations and hear associated narration in Max’s voice.

Here’s a link to the project in progress. (I need to optimize the project more. For now, it takes a couple minutes to download.)